If you’ve ever called for a cab in Markham then I’m sure the following has happened to you

  • You call for taxi in Markham or Stouffville
  • The dispatcher tells you “5 to 10 minutes”
  • 10 minutes later you’re still without a cab
  • You call back and ask where your cab is
  • The dispatcher only tells you “the driver is on the way” and hangs up
  • So you keep on waiting
  • Another 10 minutes pass by so you call back
  • This time the dispatcher is even more rude and gives less of an answer
  • Finally the cab arrives (30 minutes late)
  • No apology and no reason. Oh, and they still expect a tip

Finding a taxi or limo in Markham should not be this complicated. If you’re going to be late then tell me, just don’t lie to me!

Finding a taxi or limo in the Markham and Stouffville will never be this complicated with Sam the Durango man. I guarantee my pick-up times. How? Well, It’s simple really. Unlike other Markham cab companies, my fleet and I ARE NOT GREEDY! We only make promises we can keep. If it gets too busy, we let you know and if you’re not willing to wait then we share the business with other local area Markham taxi companies that may be less busy at the time.

Our Markham and Stouffville ground transportation services include

  • Regular Taxi’s
  • Minivans
  • Limo service
  • SUV Limo’s